Click here for to download a Go Green Passport.

Go Green Passport 2022

Self-stamping participation guide.

Visit three parks and accomplish three action steps in each category to earn green prizes.

Pick up your prize from the Park District Headquarters. Please call 419-353-1897 prior to a visit to be sure staff are available to assist.

Parks to Explore

  • Adam Phillips Pond
  • Arrowwood Archery Range
  • Beaver Creek Preserve
  • Black Swamp Preserve
  • Bradner Preserve
  • Carter Historic Farm
  • Cedar Creeks Preserve
  • Cricket Frog Cove Area
  • Otsego Park
  • J.C. Reuthinger Preserve
  • Rudolph Savanna
  • Sawyer Quarry Nature Preserve
  • Slippery Elm Trail
  • W. Knight Nature Preserve
  • William Henry Harrison Park
  • Wood County Museum

Go Green Action Steps

Conserve Soils & Protect Land

  • Use natural pesticide methods
  • Use natural fertilizers
  • Support land protection & conservation
  • Create a compost solution
  • Collect Compost scraps (no meat)
  • Stir compost, add worms & leaves
  • Learn about Leave No Trace

Conserve & Protect Water

  • Run dishwasher when full
  • Use less water when cleaning
  • Clear street drains of debris
  • Help Clean a Stream
  • Don’t dump chemicals
  • Choose natural cleaning products
  • Collect rainwater

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Upcycle (repurpose) something
  • Donate or sell used items
  • Swap items with friends
  • Ask a business to reduce packaging
  • Write or draw on the back of paper
  • Use a post-consumer recycled product
  • Recycle

Food Matters

  • Choose Certified Organic
  • Eat Leftovers
  • Regrow a veggie end or use to make stock
  • Look at food miles on grocery produce
  • Enjoy a meatless Monday recipe
  • Make a Farmers’ Market recipe
  • Try a plant-based protein

Renewable Energy

  • Ask for renewable electric
  • Learn about renewable energy
  • Learn about renewable energy initiatives and incentives
  • Test drive an electric vehicle
  • Ask a business about renewable energy
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Look into renewable energy for your home

Conserve Energy Use

  • Reduce the temperature on your water heater
  • Turn off electronics with a surge protector
  • Turn off lights when not in the room
  • Install energy efficient lightbulbs
  • Turn off car instead of idling
  • Conduct an energy audit of your home
  • Use energy efficient appliances

Reduce Plastic Waste

  • Use a reusable water bottle
  • Ask a business for less plastic
  • Use reusable food storage
  • Avoid soaps with plastic beads
  • DIY a product you usually purchase
  • Talk to others about one-use plastics
  • Use reusable utensils, not plastic

Rethink Packaging

  • Keep a one-week journal of packaging
  • Buy an item in bulk
  • Ask a business for sustainable packaging
  • Use a reusable shopping bag
  • Learn about landfills
  • Learn about packaging waste
  • Use reusable leftover containers

Plant Native Trees & Plants

  • Plant a tree
  • Encourage someone to plant a tree
  • Plant a native plant
  • Replace some lawn grass with plants
  • Help plant or tend to a raingarden
  • Visit a native plant garden to see wildlife
  • Grow a plant from a seed

Shop & Support Wisely

  • Purchase food from a Farmers’ Market
  • Learn about nature efforts in your area
  • Write your hopes for nature and share with others
  • Support local suppliers & artisans
  • Choose Made in the USA
  • Help a nature non-profit
  • Support small farms