deer at Wood County Park DistrictWood County Park District Hunting by Permit Program


Baldwin Woods Preserve and Cricket Frog Cove are the two park locations available for the hunting by permit program.

By special agreement with ODNR Division of Wildlife, hunting is being permitted at Baldwin Woods Preserve and Cricket Frog Cove for small game and deer, under specific guidelines subject to annual changes. Hunting is used as a land management tool while providing recreation to the public. Please note, the hunting by permit program may be discontinued once future park plans begin implementation for Cricket Frog Cove. This program will be reviewed annually to determine if it is appropriate to continue, or if changes are needed for the following year. Hunters enter the property at their own risk. Some hazards such as deep animal holes, tree roots, barbed wire fencing, piles of debris, and fallen trees can be found throughout park properties. Caution should be exercised.

Rifles and handguns are NOT permitted to be used for hunting.

Application and information for the hunting by permit program listed in the links below:

Click here for Rules & Regulations.

Click here for Information and maps of Cricket Frog Cove and Baldwin Woods.

Click here for the Hunting Application.


HUNTING DAYS are as follows:

First Wednesday in September through the end of February

September through October, designated Parks are closed for hunting on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Designated Parks are open to the public on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

November through February, designated Parks are hunting is Monday through Saturday. Designated Parks are open to the public on Sunday only.

On the days hunting is permitted the parks are closed to public use, only those with a valid Park District hunting permit and placed a reservation with Park District Headquarters may enter the parks.

The Park District hunting season ends at the end of February to follow the State’s hunting season.



Baldwin Woods consists of approximately 126 acres of property located at the corner of Range Line and Euler Roads. There are approximately 80 acres of wooded area and 40 acres of grassland. It is the desire of the Board of Park Commissioners and the Park District staff to keep this land natural for propagating wild areas and protecting threatened plant species. The Park District has entered into a Wetland Reserve agreement with the federal government involving approximately 50 acres of land at Baldwin Woods. An eight-acre wetland was constructed at Baldwin Woods in 2000 to enhance the wildlife population, create diversity, and provide a resting area for migrating waterfowl.

PARKING: Parking is allowed anywhere along Euler Road and Range Line Road. Parking lots and restroom facilities are NOT provided on the section of property designated for hunting.

There is NO hunting allowed on the section located on the west side of Range Line Rd. that includes the parking lot and the pond.



The area consists of approximately 160 acres located between Cygnet Road and Freyman Road bordered by Mitchell Road to the west. There are approximately 90 acres of wooded area and 70 acres of grassland and old pasture field. The Park District is presently working on a long-term improvement plan for Cricket Frog Cove. During the transition time of planning and implementation of the park plan, the Board of Park Commissioners has opened the property for hunting small game and deer.



Use parking lot off of Freyman Road. Restroom facilities are provided (porta-john).

The service drive from the parking lot to the pond is CLOSED to vehicular traffic.




Have a valid state hunting license.

Display the Wood County Park District hunting permit on your rear-view mirror or on the front dashboard.

Meet hunter orange requirement during all hunting seasons. ALL HUNTERS MUST WEAR HUNTER ORANGE AT ALL TIMES, INCLUDING IN STANDS. This includes a minimum of a vest, coat, jacket or coveralls. ALL STANDS MUST HAVE AN ORANGE FLAG OR MARKER THAT MAKES THE STAND VISIBLE FROM 360 DEGREES FROM THE GROUND.

ONLY non-toxic shot is permitted during small game season (such as steel shot).

Waterfowl hunting NOT PERMITTED during any open duck or goose season. Waterfowl NOT considered small game.

Shotgun slugs and black powder rifles ARE permitted.

Rifles and handguns are NOT permitted.

Hunters under the age of 18 must register, pay the applicable fee, and hunt with a responsible, registered ADULT.

Permits may not be transferred to another hunter.

Pushing or driving of property is NOT permitted for deer hunting.


RESERVING A DATE TO HUNT – (First come, first served).

During the open hunting dates, FOUR (4) spaces per day, per park are available to registered hunters. Each hunter may bring one (1) registered hunting partner EXCEPT during Deer Gun and Primitive Weapon Season.

During Deer Gun and Primitive Weapon Season, hunters must sign up individually – only ONE HUNTER PER SPACE will be permitted. No partners.

Reservations accepted by phone NO EARLIER than ONE WEEK PRIOR to the day you desire to hunt. Same day reservations can be made providing there is space available. The Park office is not open weekends; please call (419) 353-1897 Monday – Friday.

NO MORE THAN TWO (2) reservation days per week, per hunter. You can register 2 slots in one park or 1 slot in each park for the week.

Messages left on the voice mail system will NOT be accepted as a reservation. Verbal confirmation by a Park District employee is required for all reservations.

The Park District reserves the right to close an area to hunting as needed for land management needs, programming or maintenance concerns.

Dog training dates will occur from September 1 through April 30 annually.  Dog training prohibited May 1 through August 31 annually.  From May through August, Baldwin Woods and Cricket Frog Cove provide a resting area for migrating birds during the mating season.



The Wood County Park District does NOT allow baiting of any animals. This includes corn piles or mineral blocks. Applicants found baiting can expect be removed from the hunting program and/or cited.



NO Permanently affixed tree stands tree stands, blinds, trail cameras, and any other equipment are permitted.

Tree stands, blinds, trail cameras, and any other equipment left in the Parks must have the owner’s name and address attached at both the top and bottom. Engraving of tree stands and other equipment is recommended because stickers and tags can be removed or break down due to weather.

All equipment left after the established removal time at the end of the season will be confiscated and may result in the owner losing Park District hunting privileges for the coming year.

Climbing-type tree stands generally used for deer hunting are allowed.

Chaining and padlocking tree stands is permitted (suggested).

No nails, spikes, or screw steps may be used on trees.




All Park District Rules and Regulations, Ohio laws, and Ohio Hunting Regulations will be enforced. NOTE: Park District Officer and ODNR Wildlife Officers make frequent inspections of the property to check permits. The Park District reserves the right to deny, suspend, or revoke any application or permit for just cause. The applicant may appeal these decisions through the Board of Park Commissioners. All appeals must be in writing and turned in prior to the scheduled Board of Park Commissioners meeting.


The phone number to contact Park District Police dispatch is 419-354-9001.

Wood County Park District Headquarters, 18729 Mercer Rd., Bowling Green, OH 43402

(419) 353-1897 or (800) 321-1897 toll-free in Wood County

Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm