2023 Photo Contest Prospectus

PROSPECTUS – 9th Annual Friends of the Wood County Parks Photo Contest

18729 Mercer Road, Bowling Green, Ohio, 43402 | (419) 353-1897 | www.wcparks.org

Dates: now through January 1, 2024

Categories: Wildlife | Plant life | Landscape | Heritage

The Heritage category will cover any photos showcasing our Carter Historic Farm or Wood County Historical Museum grounds. This includes animals, implements, plants, buildings, and grounds.

Photo Release: It is the photographer/artist’s responsibility (if taking pictures of people in the Parks) to have each person (legal guardian for people under 18 years old) sign and date the following statement: By signing this statement, I agree to allow photo/video of me to be used for any Friends of the Parks or Wood County Park District purposes without compensation at any time.

Submission Requirements:

1. Only electronic photos are accepted (minimum 3mb in 300 dpi) in a jpg format.

2. A registration agreement (following) must be signed and submitted along with photo(s).

3. All entries must be clearly labeled as LastName_FirstName_Title_ParkLocation.jpg

4. Photos via email to photocontest@wcparks.org. Please include your name, email and phone number

with your submission. Photos can be submitted on a flash drive (USB drive).

5. Please keep to a standard aspect ratio and not crop images. Do not add a watermark or digitally edit

the photos.

6. There is a submission fee of $5 to submit up to 5 photos.

7. Friends of the Parks members can submit up to 10 photos for the $5 submission fee. Pay by check

made to Friends of the Parks sent to Wood County Park District 18729 Mercer Road, Bowling Green, OH

43402. Please add “photo contest” to the memo line.


1. Additions such as watermarks, artist name, or other markings on the photo(s) are not permitted. (Artists requesting their watermark on the photo available for purchase, may submit a duplicate photo with their watermark added. This will not count toward the 5 photo limit.)

2. Photos must have been taken from the previous December up to the due date of the year they are submitted. (i.e., December 1, 2021 until November 30th, 2022)

3. Photos must be taken at a Wood County Park District property, event, program, or activity.

4. Each Artist may submit up to 5 photos. Friends of the Parks members may submit 10 photos.

5. Photos must be the work of the submitting Artist.

6. Photos should not be obviously digitally edited.

7. Submitted images and digital media will not be returned.

Awards: Judges’ Choice award for 1st place receive an honorary award for each category. Photos may be rotated through the parks and possibly used for various media. We will print and utilize photos at our discretion. Winners will be announced February, 2024.


Friends of the Parks, known as, “Friends” and the Wood County Park District, known as, “WCPD” will allow for photo submissions from the undersigned, also known as, “Artist.”

Artist shall retain ownership of all individual copyright rights for the original work(s) covered by this agreement except for those rights granted herein or by law.

The Friends of the Parks and the Wood County Park District have the right to reproduce the photos without limit or compensation.

The Artist represents and warrants the following:

–        That the undersigned is the photographer of the work(s) being submitted.

–        That the undersigned is the owner of all copyright rights with respect to such photograph(s) other than those rights otherwise granted to WCPD and, or the Friends herein or by law.

–        That the submitted work follows copyright and international trade laws.

The Artist agrees to the following:

–        Grants permission to the Friends of the Parks and the Wood County Park District permission to use, reproduce, enhance, publish, and reprint all submitted work(s) for any purpose including prints of the submitted photographs to be sold for fundraising purposes by the Friends of the Parks with proceeds benefitting the parks.

–        The undersigned is responsible for their person, property and actions while on WCPD Property and holds the Friends and WCPD harmless against any claim from the activities authorized by this agreement.

–        The undersigned has entered into this agreement in order to assist educational, scientific, and charitable goals and hereby waives any right to compensation for themselves or their successors.


The term “photograph,” as used in this agreement, shall mean any image, regardless of the format or medium.

The Friends of the Parks board and volunteer judges reserve the right to refuse any submission.

Name (Print):________________________________________  Phone:____________________________

Signature*:__________________________________________ Date:______________________________


Address:____________________________________________ Email:______________________________

*Legal Guardian signature is required if Artist is under the age of 18.