The Rudolph Bike Park
14045 Mermill Road, Rudolph, OH

The Rudolph Bike Park is free and open daily from 8:00 am until 30 minutes past sunset.

The Rudolph Bike Park promotes wellness, community, and adventure. A new hub of family-friendly activity in Rudolph, Ohio is adjacent to the Slippery Elm Trail. The Bike Park has multiple pump tracks, each with for a different skill level. From toddlers learning to ride a bike, to advanced mountain bikers, the Rudolph Bike Park is a great location for skills development. Check out the three pump tracks and mountain bike skills loop.

logo for the Rudolph Bike Park Wood County Park District

Pump track continuous linear length: 1,942

Pump track: 1,783 feet

Stryder Track: 159 feet




Rules & Regulations

  • No alcohol or drugs!
  • No motorized vehicles.
  • No pets.
  • No remote-controlled vehicles or devices.
  • Damage, vandalism, and graffiti are prohibited by law.
  • Keep the tracks and park clean, Use garbage & recycling containers.
  • Do not use in inclement weather, or if track is wet or icy.


  • Ride at your own risk.
  • Be aware of other riders.
  • Do NOT stop in the middle of the path.
  • Follow all directional signage.
  • Know your limits.
  • Scout the path.


  • Provide ample room for other riders.
  • Be respectful of others, and encourage the sport.


  • Stay off the path
  • Be aware of riders and your direct surroundings.


  • Wear a properly-fitting bike helmet.
  • Wear shin, knee, and elbow protection.
  • Lower the saddle on your bike.
  • Suspend your body with your legs bent like shock-absorbers.
  • Let the bike flow underneath you.

Find Park District Rules & Regulations here.


Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the Rudolph Bike Park a reality!


Thank you to our Sponsors.

Diamond Level Sponsorships

Spoke Life Cycles

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The Right Direction

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Platinum Level Sponsorships

Stout Cyclery

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In Loving Memory of Cody Clayton.


Gold Level Sponsors

Jeff and Lee Anne Snook and Family

Silver Level Sponsors

K&K Construction


Mastin Septic & Well Service


Co-Man Portable Toilets


Thank you, sponsors!


Why a Bike Park?

In a 2018 public survey with over 2,000 Wood County respondents, 43.48% of people requested more bike trails & increased access, with 55% of those respondents requesting non-traditional biking opportunities. The Rudolph Bike Park meets these identified community needs. The Rudolph Bike Park is adjacent to the 13.1-mile rails-to-trails bike path, the Slippery Elm Trail (SET).  With an average of 275 users per day, the SET is one of the Park District’s most utilized amenities. Working with the non-profit group, The Right Direction, and their youth development program, the Wood County Park District has taken steps to ensure the bike park offers engaging challenges appropriate for all users, from the strider-biking toddler to the expert BMX racer. Additional amenities include an accessible parking area, greenspace, and bike repair station.

rendering of the features on the pump tracks at the Rudolph Bike Park