Visit the Carter Historic Farm for your next field trip. The School Trip and Curriculum Handbook is available for teachers who would like to learn more about the farm history, what we offer, and how a trip to our site fits the Ohio Department of Education Standards. The handbook also includes lesson planning ideas, trip itineraries, staff classroom visit options, and other resources.

School Trip & Curriculum Handbook

Worksheets & Activities

The following Worksheets are divided by grade level and meet Ohio Department of Education standards.


Pre-K – 3rd Grade

Cursive Letter Guide

Handwriting Practice – Sentence

Handwriting Practice – Passage

Farm Animal Counting Game

Counting & Matching Worksheet

Easy Farm Word Search

About my day at Carter Farm

Alphabetize activity

Reading Assignment

What was a One-room Schoolhouse? Packet


4th grade +

Farmers in the Great Depression

The Great Depression

My Weekly Reader – May 3rd 1929

Great Depression Vocab

8th grade graduation test

Primary Source activity – 1920s Report cards

Carter Farm Word Search


All Ages

1930s vs Today Venn Diagram

Coloring Pages

Classrooms Today

One-room Schoolhouse Games

Compare & Contrast Interview

Spelling Bee

Dots Game

Corn Cob Darts Game


McGuffey Reader and Ray’s Arithmetic



*Field trips to Carter Historic Farm are free for schools within Wood County.

**Schools from outside of Wood County are charged a $25 fee per class for the fieldtrip.