What is the Wood County Park District?

The Wood County Park District is a natural resources conservation agency with twenty parks and nature preserves around Wood County, Ohio. Not all of the parks within Wood County are WC Parks properties.

Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a rental floor plan of the Hankison Great Room at the W.W. Knight Nature Preserve. 

Click here for a floorplan of the Thompson Stone Hall at Otsego Park.

What is included in my rental?

Your rental will include exclusive use of the rental hall, kitchen, tables and chairs, the storage room as well as the porch(es).  All other areas are open and available for general public use.  All other rooms are open and available for general public use.

Can I have alcohol at my event?

We allow alcohol in the event hall rooms only with the purchase of an Alcohol Permit ($75) and an additional $150 refundable damage deposit.  Alcohol is not permitted at any other facility or in any other park.

What kitchen facilities are at Otsego?

A full-size refrigerator/freezer, a three bay sink, an upper and lower oven, and a four-burner stove top. There is no microwave. Otsego also has plenty of countertop space.  Ample outlets are available for roasters and crock pots. Pots, pans and utensils are not provided and must be provided by users.

What kitchen facilities are at W.W. Knight Nature Preserve?

The Hankison Great Room has a serving kitchenette with a refrigerator/freezer and double sink.  A microwave is available, but not an oven or stove. Ample outlets and countertop space are available for roasters and crock pots. Pots, pans, cleaning items, and utensils are not provided. These items must be provided by users.

Are there 220 electrical outlets available?

No. Unfortunately neither Otsego Park Thompson Stone Hall nor the W.W. Knight Preserve Hankison Great Room have 220 outlets.

Are there tables and chairs available?

Yes, Otsego Park’s Thompson Stone Hall has 20 eight-foot tables and 144 chairs; W.W. Knight Preserve’s Hankison Great Room has 20 eight-foot tables and 150 chairs.

Do I need to clean up after my event?

Yes, the park police will provide a check list of items that need to be completed at the end of your event. The kitchen should be clean as well as tables and chairs. The floor does not need to be mopped or swept, however, all tables and chairs must be put away and the trash should be removed to the outside storage units.

Do you provide cleaning supplies?

No, we do not provide dish soap, scouring pads, washcloths, or towels.

Can I see the facility?

Preview times are:

·   Otsego Park’s Thompson Stone Hall is open for previewing the first Monday of the month from 7:00 -8:00 p.m. unless it is a holiday (check with us if this is the case – 419-353-1897).

·   The Hankison Great Room at the W.W. Knight Nature Preserve will be open for previewing the first Wednesday of the month from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Unfortunately, Thompson Stone Hall and the Hankison Great Room are rented quite often and neither is available for preview at a moment’s notice.  Please contact Chief Police Officer Steve Thomson at 419-575-7336 or sthomson@wcparks.org to arrange other preview times.  Please allow at least a week to set up your visit.

Can I decorate and set up tables and chairs the day before my event?

If you rent the facility the day before your actual event for the full rental price (the deposit will be waived for the additional consecutive rental day), then can you decorate on a day prior to your event.

How can I decorate?

No helium balloons are allowed, even as a centerpiece. One candle per table is allowed if enclosed and contained.  Free-standing decorations are encouraged. No staples, tape or nails may be used on any window or door. Command strips that you can easily remove are permitted.

Are there changing rooms for our wedding party?

Being a public park/preserve, other rooms in the facilities are open to the public during your event. Additional rooms outside of the rental spaces may not be used as a storage place(s) or changing room(s).

Can I get in earlier than my original meeting time?

You will need to call 419-353-1897 to see if special arrangements are possible. Changes to meeting times may not be feasible after the 20th day of the previous month. The park police schedule is created the month prior, after rentals are closed for the upcoming month.

Can we stay later than our original ending time?

Your event must be completely finished and cleaned up by your prearranged departure time.  The Park District will charge $75 for any part of a half hour after your designated departure time. It may be possible to add an extra hour to the end of your event rental for an additional $50 per hour.

Can we leave a vehicle overnight?

You must contact the park police and complete a waiver, otherwise the vehicle will be towed.

If you have other questions, please contact us at office@wcparks.org or call 419-353-1897.